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From concrete work to central heating

Amsterdam Renovaties is happy to help you with your house renovations. With our 15 years experience, we don’t just listen to your needs, we also actively think about them and put ideas on the table that you may not have thought about yet. Because we are passionate about our work, you will notice the end result: a high quality finish, customized to your requirement and inside both the budget and the agreed time-frame.

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Always up-to-date with the latest techniques

We use the latest building techniques combined with materials of the highest quality. With our extensive knowledge of Amsterdam building constructions and design, our workers form the ideal team to tackle every renovation project in Amsterdam. With our proven new building techniques, we produce a modern, refined finish and we can perform renovations where others in Amsterdam are not able to.

From bathrooms to full renovations

Although we originally began by undertaking bathroom renovations, we have not been idle over the last few years. Our knowledge of renovations has expanded to cover the entire house, including central heating and concrete work. We have everything in house that a renovation company needs. This means that we do not need to use any third parties and we are your sole point of contact. This makes it clearer for you and naturally cheaper.